Chat sexy aol

18-Jan-2020 11:18

In addition to using it to token scan, it can also be used to design new keywords.It used a scripting language called FDO which is like a propriatory version of HTML.Guides will announce to the chatter that they've been gagged, but I never did since it's more fun that way.Timed gags were logged so I used them sparingly (Until I got CRIS access).In fact I found the employee list while token scanning. Well they are similar to "invokes" from master AOL.In fact an "invoke" is a type of token (U1 I believe).However if accessed from a overhead or internal account the keyword will work.

The way I cracked accounts was via a password cracker I made. When executed it showed a real pic of "me" for realism before activating the sniffer. There were more but I forgot them, these really stood out to me: Essentially any stolen AOL account turned into a credit card.CRIS looked like it would impossible to break into at first, but AOL didn't take into account the stupidity of their employees....