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For example, less than 10% of American children and youth sexually solicited over the Internet in 2005 reported the incident to law enforcement authorities, Internet service providers, or some other authority; reporting was even less likely for unwanted exposure to sexual material (Wolak , 2006).Children and youth may not disclose experiences of online sexual exploitation for several reasons, including being too frightened or embarrassed or not understanding the magnitude of the situation (Wolak This figure represents an average of about 3 incidents of child luring per 100,000 youth under the age of 18, reported to police per year.The remaining quarter of child luring incidents involved one or more additional criminal violations such as the production or distribution of child pornography; sexual assault (level 1); indecent acts; or sex crimes categorized as 'other sexual offences'.That most incidents of child luring reported to police involve a single violation may be related to the fact that an accused was not identified in a majority of these incidents (, about 4 in 10 police-reported incidents involving child luring were cleared by charge or cleared otherwise during 20).

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Evidence from the also suggests that a significant number of children, and especially teenagers, in that country are confronted with the potential dangers of cyberspace and online sexual exploitation.

Child luring cases where there is no accused tend to involve a single charge, while multiple violations were more common among incidents where an accused was identified.