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02-Feb-2020 16:33

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But this shouldn’t be your daily go-to conversation starter.- JUST NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS AT ALLA conversation should be a back and forth. Because aside from “how is your night going” (which really falls into the boring question category but I let it slide) he did not ask me one question.The conversation only went as far as it did because I kept asking follow-up questions. But despite this information being in my bio, he asked me NOTHING about any of those things.But even with me putting in a lot more effort than some women are willing to put in, the results I get are horrific.With that being said, here are a few tips on how to have an actual conversation. But there shouldn’t be any sexual messages exchanged before a first meeting.I don’t know if these men are just HORRIBLE at conversation or just aren’t that interested in me (probably some of both depending on the person), but either way, in case people genuinely don’t know, I thought I would write some tips on having a conversation.Something I don’t think grown-ass people should need a lesson in, but apparently they do. Before I get started, I want to say, that I am a very straightforward person, who has no time or interest in the “games” or “rules” of dating.

I get asking this once you’ve been messaging a few days if you ACTUALLY want to know how their day was.But, when I go out of my way to send stuff other than “hey” or “how are you,” I often get a curt response that doesn’t really make me want to continue the conversation.If someone reaches out, and you are interested in talking to them, talk to them!Don’t call someone cutie, sweetie, babe, honey, etc. The few people who might be okay with this are vastly outnumbered by the number of people who don’t like it. Even if someone states in their bio that they aren’t looking for anything serious, or that they are interested in kink, or anything of that nature, they still deserve some respect and to be treated like a human.

There is no need to get sexual within the first few messages.Be happy you got a unique opener and try to send them something unique in response, or at least ask them something about their profile.

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