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07-Feb-2020 22:34

Whether you're looking for a quick fling or hoping to strike up something more substantial, you've got to meet new people.

Tinder —which also offers an Apple Watch app—lets you and others anonymously express interest in each other, and if and when a match occurs, lets you make contact and see what happens.

After meeting one night, the two of them discover they have the same goal: to leave town and escape their pasts.

A new school assignment gives them the perfect opportunity to do so and the two of them soon discover the darkest parts of themselves, while also falling in love with each other.

Grindr focuses specifically on the gay and male bisexual community, and HER on the lesbian and female bisexual community.

Whoever and whatever you're looking for, one of them will suit your desires. There's not an app in the 'verse that can guarantee that, of course, but there are some that focus less on the hookup and more on the matchup.

A new calendar year is upon us and resolutions are in full swing.

If you've made the decision to be more social and meet new people there are plenty of apps that can help you find friends, like-minded individuals, or romantic partners.

While some of the most anticipated sequels (TATBILB 2!

If it's a first encounter, maybe you want a coffee or pastry shop to keep things light and informal.

If it's a budding romance, maybe you want someplace that'll help stoke the fires.

Communication is vital to intimacy — not the general banter we engage in every day and often barely listen to, but the flirting, the sharing of hopes and dreams, secrets and desires—the things we would only every share with each other.

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Snapchat is what pretty much everyone uses these days for ephemeral messaging.

For more, Foursquare—and its Apple Watch app—offers the best social recommendations.