Backdating a claim

14-Feb-2021 08:17

If we refuse your claim for backdating, we will send you details of how to appeal.

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This happens automatically when you apply for housing benefit.

You're a mixed age couple if one of you is pension age and the other is working age. Couples won't usually be able to make a new claim for housing benefit unless you've both reached pension age.

Circumstances in which a claimant's housing benefit can be backdated.You can send a letter to explain your circumstances. Use our template letter The council writes to you once they've made a decision on your housing benefit claim.If you can get housing benefit, the letter tells you the first day of your entitlement.Usually a Housing Benefit claim is paid from the following Monday after it has been received.

However, occasionally, some customers will want it paid from an earlier date, in other words, they want us to 'backdate' their benefit.A claim for housing benefit for a claimant who has attained the age to qualify for pension credit can be backdated for a maximum of three months.[2]The state pension calculator can be used to calculate when a claimant will qualify for pension credit.