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San Andreas is the name of both the island and the island's largest town.

The island is part of a Colombian island chain that is located much closer to Nicaragua than the Colombian mainland.

Although the island is well-developed for tourism, it has somehow escaped the fame of the rest of the Caribbean.

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After establishment, plants will send out new growth and develop branch crowns during October and November.

This airport only receives domestic flights from Colombia, however, so travelers must connect through the mainland.

There is no sea ferry service to San Andreas or the surrounding Colombian islands, but passage by sea can be arranged aboard cargo transports.

While planting too late can reduce spring yields, planting too early risks too many crowns being developed, especially in Chandler, leading to smaller unmarketable berries (Sweet Charlie and Camarosa are less prone to this problem as is Albion).

That is why we don’t plant in late August on Delmarva Plant size in the fall is also critical for high yields the following spring.

Strawberry establishment in the plastic bed takes 3-4 weeks. Plant so that the plug is at the level of the soil or is just covered with a small amount (1/8”) of soil but avoid getting soil into the crown of the plant.