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The Alternative Daily, found online at The Alternative Daily.com, is a health and wellness website that claims they specialize in informing, encouraging, and empowering their readers to make healthy choices that will positively impact their lives.

According to their website, The Alternative Daily has an experienced team of writers, researchers, editors, and health professionals that come together in their commitment to offering innovative ideas in alternative health.

To go through their materials, visitors to their website are welcome to look through their offerings by category, which include Home, Natural Health, Diet & Fitness, Alternative News, and Alt Daily TV, as well as sub-category, which includes Meditation, Toxins, Herbs, Cleansing, Detox, Recipes, Fitness, and many others.

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I wanted gardening with no soil/dirt and got another book.One can take just about any sentence and do a web search to find that sentence verbatim online There is truly nothing in it that merits it being titled "Secret Garden". I cannot imagine why your company chose to foist this on the social community.