Xperl health not updating

- _NPCScan (Scans and alerts the user when rare mobs are around) - _NPCScan.Overlay (Shows patrol locations on the minimap) - Atlasloot Enhanced (A tool used to lookup and link items within the game) - Auctioneer (Used for managing the Auction House) - Bartender4 (Used to move around and resize action bars) - Broker: Button Facade (Works in unison with Button Facade) - Button Facade (Used to manipulate the look of action buttons) - Button Facade: Renaitre (The package of “skins” used within this guide) - Deadly Boss Mods (Used for alerts and timers during boss encounters) - Gather Mate2 (Used to track profession nodes/chest) - Gather Mate2_Data (Works in unison with Gather Mate2) - Gear Score / Player Score (Generates a ranking value based on a players gear) - Omen Threat Meter (OPTIONAL, as a tank or not( Shows threat generation and current threat level) - Omni CC (Displays cool downs on abilities much more clear) - One Bag3 (Combines all your bags for one simple ‘big’ bag) - One Bank3 (Combines all your bank slots for one simple ‘big’ bank interface) - Prat 3.0 (Advanced chat box, customizable) - Recount (Displays damage, healing, and other statistics during an encounter) - Sell Junk (A one button tool used to clear bags of trash quality items) - Sexy Map (Makes the user mini map more interactive and customizable) - Tip Tac (Makes the default tooltip window moveable) - Titan Panel (Displays useful information within a simple bar) - X-perl Unit Frames (download, but only enable certain features (will be further described)) We will begin with _NPCScan.

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Next you will want to begin downloading all of the addons.

Here is a complete list of the addons used within this guide to complete what I call the “Perfect Interface”.

Be sure to do this before modifying any of the visual addons, as adjusting it later on will change the scale and location of most items displayed on screen. The easiest way to do that is to "right click" the minimap icon as shown in the image below.

Secondly, you will want to double check all the bars and other options to make sure that only the ones needed will be enabled.

Once the desired addons are selected, continue and login.

Once the login is completed, you will be looking at an image much similar to the one below.I am 19 years of age, currently a second year university student with computer science experience, and have been fascinated with technology and games ever since my first gaming system, that being a Sega Genesis.I began playing Wo W when the Burning Crusade was freshly released.Firstly select ‘Get More Addons’, which is located under the tool options to the left side of the client.Secondly, type in the name of the desired addon in the top right search field as shown in the figure below.Upon starting up the client for the first time, it will run a search on your system to find which games you have installed that are compatible with Curse.