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We talked for a long time, had an awesome time and 6 hours later I kissed her goodnight.It was a great date, except for a couple of things. Learning to exhibit your confidence could take a bit of practice.

But they are looking for the guy that’s a leader and going to bring the masculine energy.This is shown through confidence, but not with any cockiness or aggression.She doesn’t like video games, she’s not really into technology, doesn’t drink as much as I do and I think she wants something long term. I mean I want something long term eventually, but I want it to start out in the “short term” range of things. I should be way more into her than I am, I mean, we had a great date! Should I ask her out again or would that be leading her on? I can tell you that that one of the most common reasons that men end up in the friend zone is because they aren’t exhibiting the Alpha Male qualities that women are attracted to.

You describe yourself as a “nice and respectful guy”, sometimes the problem is that you are too nice a guy and women start to see you as nothing more than a friend.

I think that many of us can relate to being stuck in the “friend zone” at one point in our dating lives.

Without knowing the particulars of your dates, it’s difficult to pinpoint what the exact reasons may be, it could be one thing or a combination of a few.

If you happen to be female and having the friend zone problem it’s typically the opposite to the males issue.

Usually they are bringing to much masculine energy to the table and benefit from softening up a little and cultivating a confident but feminine energy on their dates.

Women are most attracted to an “Alpha Male” take charge personality.