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Wy found a friend — a kissing friend, that is, as her mother implies — in their opening act, who's eight years her senior. She also mentioned that she had recently been at MIT with "the father of artificial intelligence," Dr.Marvin Minksy, studying how music affects brainwave activity.

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I bought Wy her own guitar, a used but nice instrument.I unearthed an old bluegrass album by Hazel and Alice in the used bin at a record store.I closed my eyes and drifted back to my childhood, back to the days when God was as real as our house at 2237 Montgomery Avenue. So I'm going to believe the same with this home we're searching for.I will hold on to this image in my heart — a cozy little house in the hills — and have faith that you'll lead us to it.But on the porch with Wynonna, a voice I never knew I had came out, harmonizing naturally with hers, a musical expression of our family bond.

The first song we learned all the way through was "A Mother's Smile." It wasn't till four years later that I learned the second verse of my own song of faith.

By then I knew music was Wy's gift, her destiny.

My job was to go with her and make sure it didn't become her downfall, too.

"The next day, I was with the Dalai Lama," she said.

Once liver disease forced me to retire from my country music career in 1991, I thought people wouldn't be interested in my life anymore. Folks always ask: How did a girl from sleepy little Ashland, Kentucky, who'd never sung a note in public, end up performing concerts all across America?

Two women singing, their voices blending in a way that sent shivers up our spines. Wy and I taught ourselves every song on that record.