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phone calls and I had to go pick him up passed out in the back of a club.So I was like who is doing that now, I know he doesn't have friends who are doing it...Jason admits the sudden fame that came with the show definitely attributed to his "downward spiral." "I was supposed to go to school and college for baseball, down that path, and the phenomenon of the show came up," Jason tells ET's Ashley Crossan of when it all began, starting with . There was a lot of pros to this -- there was a lot of things that came overnight that were very, very glamorous, I guess you can call it -- and that's when that downward spiral happened for me.

" When Lauren then says, "I just feel like you're f—ked up and it's my fault," Jason looks towards the cameras before saying, "Don't say this right now." Lauren finally points out to Jason that the producers wanted her to talk to him on-camera."I just want to leave, and they're like, no, he wants to talk to you...Because I thought you were like messed up on something. Like, you're acting so weird."Even 10 years later, Lauren still got emotional talking about her split with Jason and his substance abuse problem during the special."That really broke me, because I felt like a responsibility to take care of him, and I felt like when we broke up I was abandoning him," Lauren tearfully admitted."Because there were a lot of nights that I was getting 2 a.m.I was like, oh god, no one is taking care of him."And while the break-up was painful, Lauren's parents admitted they were "so happy" when it ended.

"There was a little party over here," Lauren joked, while her dad Jim clarified it was a "big party."Her mom Kathy explained, "We were sad for her, but in the long run, we knew it was best." Jason did later make another appearance on , with Lauren briefly wondering if they would get back together, but it was revealed he had a girlfriend, with Lauren, who is now married to William Tell, saying, "Jason's story has a happy ending.

He is sober now and married and very happy."Jason married Ashley Slack in 2013, and recently co-founded a men's sober living home, Widespread Recovery, in Laguna Beach.

alum Jason Wahler says the reality show was not "fake," following former co-star Kristin Cavallari's claim that the series did not, well, live up to its name. News, Wahler, 29, also says his former on-air relationship with Lauren Conrad, 30, who he dated on the series and spinoff "that wasn't 'real,' but as kids we got caught up in it anyway.""Look, the reality of it is, the relationships and the context of everything, was our real lives," Wahler told E! "Obviously with editing and different things, you can make things look different, or sound different. Yes, there were probably things that weren't the most accurate, but it wasn't like it was scripted, you know, it was a soft script.""For me, I am not upset with anything they did—if anything, I am very grateful for how things panned out," he added. They can definitely create a character, but I wouldn't go to the extreme to say that it is all fake."Cavallari does not mention Wahler in her book and wrote that "it was easy to go along with made-up situations and not think much about the consequences," adding, "to keep things interesting, words were dubbed, scenes filmed months apart were shown in the same episode as though they were concurrent, and phone calls were faked (I would literally be on the phone with no one or sometimes with a producer)."She also said show producers "manipulated" relationships and pressured her boyfriend Stephen Colletti into spending time with Lauren Conrad.

MTV, whose finale had poked fun at the question of the series' authenticity, has not responded to Cavallari's comments."Our personalities were who we were and that kind of dictates who we are," Wahler added.

"Maybe some things were manipulated, but overall, we were the ones in front of the camera.

On the plus side, this sad split should allow the reality TV staple more time to deal with the many lawsuits and court dates he has on his busy schedule.