Validating your dw

This let you know that the field content is captured in the document instead of simply manually entered.

In this case, it will display: Notes To avoid errors, the form can't be approved until every red surrounded field has been manually approved.

Most usually it is because the confidence level of the extracted value is low or the extracted value is incorrect, for example the due date is too far.

You will receive an email to activate your account.Please activate by clicking the link in the email you receive.This is particularly useful when working with large tables of items.Note By default, the split bar is displayed vertically.The split bar is displayed between the form fields and the document preview area.

This bar lets you choose how you want the document to be displayed, giving priority to form editing or to document display very simply.

Hello folks, I know we have a W3C Validation feature in Dreamweaver CS6 ( which is very nice ), but it only seems to validate HTML code.

The validation form is a web form displaying fields containing data to be validated.

Contact your administrator to change this layout and display the split bar horizontally instead.

The main difference is that when hiding the document pane, the split bar will be located at the top of the form instead of at its right.

If you wait for another second, a tooltip displays the value extracted by the OCR.