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But I can't understand why Windows 10 is trying to install an XP update on a machine that has never has XP on it. yes, same damned situation with my two Lenovo laptops now running Windows 10, and that idiotic error message about unable to install an update about office XP service pak3. Microsoft is off on this one and needs to do something about it!!!

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I have a genuine Windows 8.1 Pro build installed in my system, and it unfortunately is plagued with such stubborn viruses right now that I have decided to completely format my system. Can someone explain how to unhang Windows 10 Updates of Office 2013.

Some of the updates show as ready to install, others as d/ling but everything is stalled at 41%.

My current laptop was purchased new last October, loaded with 8.1.

I upgraded to 10 on the first day of its release, and ever since then I've been getting notifications for Office XP Service Pack 3. Windows suggests doing a web search for "Office XP Service Pack 3 - Error 0x80096004" for possible help, and I do find some results that MIGHT be helpful.

Microsoft says that the goal was to remove visually competing items, visually prioritizing items on the screen, increasing letter and word spacing for better readability, and defining foreground and background colors in manner that brings the most important elements to the front. Yeah, I guess so: I tend to frown on Office taking its own route, as it does so often, at the expense of every other application on the planet.

But the Office XP interface is attractive, and who said we need a consistent 3D light source on a 2D medium anyway?

New streamlined look Office XP features a new look and feel that will later be used by the Whistler "watercolor" Theme when that OS debuts in late 2001 (Figure).

Essentially an about-face from the consistent 3D interface that debuted in Windows 95, the Office XP user interface is flat, although the menus ironically display a shadow when open (Figure).

For the purposes of this review, however, a short introduction is in order: Smart tags are small icon-like buttons that appear within Office documents in response to certain actions.

For example, when you paste in a block of text in word, a small Paste Options Smart tag appears below the inserted text (Figure).

If you hover over the small icon, it will identify itself as Paste Options and provide a drop-down triangle for you to select (Figure).