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My updated partitions lokk like this: Mac partitions is still there but they are not showing up when I press option button on Mac starts. Full-disk encryption -- whether it's Mac's File Vault2, or Windows' Bit Locker -- always requires an unencrypted support partition in order to boot an encrypted operating system.This is why OS X creates the recovery partition on a Mac, and Windows creates a System Reserved partition on a PC.

That will boot you to Internet Recovery -- useful for situations where your recovery partition is borked (although it doesn't appear that way from your screenshots).

After you install it, you’ll be able to access your Windows partition — and any external drives formatted with NTFS — in full read/write mode from Mac OS X.

When you enabled Bitlocker, it had to create this extra support partition on-the-fly.

It shrank your Windows partition (C: drive) and created that extra 346MB partition you see in your screenshot.

OS X can boot fine without the recovery partition, just as Windows can function without its support partition.

You will not be able to enable File Vault, however.You also might want to use Disk Utility to do First Aid on the disk.If Command R doesn't work, try Command Option R.Try booting your Mac to recovery mode by holding down Command R while turning it on.You should be able to use Startup Disk (from the Apple menu) to select your Mac partition and reboot.These applications do have free trials, so you can test them before paying.