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It took about 30 minutes to 'prepare' to copy before the software could be used, and then I could watch thumbnails slowly appear in my photo collection.

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i Photo had a friendly interface and made splitting photos into events easy.Getting prints and making photo books (the perfect gift for your parents) was ridiculously easy.In June 2014, the official word came down from Cupertino: Aperture would no longer be updated.A month prior to writing this article, Aperture was removed from the Mac App Store.After years of relative bliss, i Photo '11 came around and had a slick new interface, but several features from previous versions were gone, and the whole thing was just... Given that, and my growing interest in shooting Raw, it was time to look for something else.

At the time there were really two choices: Apple's own Aperture 3 software and Adobe Lightroom, which I believe was also at version 3 at that time.

Aperture felt familiar to me, like a grown-up version of the i Photo.

I found Lightroom's UI and workflow to a bit On the left side are the numerous adjustment tools in Aperture 3.

In other words, the user interface in Photos has been The 'years' view is almost comical when you first see it.

You can click on one of those tiny images to see a larger version, and keep moving to 'scrub' through your collection.

Thankfully, most of them were just under the surface.