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Adult Friend is ontworpen om u snel in contact te brengen met partners die goed bij u passen.There really is no time like the present so let's take advantage of each hour of the day together!And in at least two cases, inmates have had commode conversations about criminal matters that were used as testimony or evidence in court. Burrell, who had been in jail for 22 months, testified against Mr.

I think it's nasty," said Deputy Warden Art Marx of the Butler County Jail.

He said the facility is old and "that won't happen" in the new jail the county is building.

Callers willing to risk a misconduct warning and 24-hour lockdown scoop the water from the trap, a U-shaped pipe, and speak or listen through the toilet drain to any inmates who've drained toilets in the cells above and below them.

"The cells were built right on top of each other so it could be as many as 16 cells" that share a single drainage system, Warden Rustin said.

Inmates get sanctioned if they're caught with their heads in the toilet bowl, yet Warden Ramon Rustin says toilet talk has been a daily occurrence since the high-rise facility opened in 1995.

"Inmates will strike up a conversation about anything," said the warden, who can hear muffled chatter through the water in his office's commode all the time. Attorney's office, said federal prosecutors used toilet conversations to secure hefty sentences against co-defendants Kaboni Savage and Dawud Bey.

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Deputy Warden Erna Craig at Mercer County Prison said in her 27 years in corrections she'd never heard of toilet talk.

The Mercer facility, which opened in 2005, was designed by L.

Communication through toilets and air vents is fairly common in jails and prisons, according to several correctional officials surveyed.