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What’s more, it’s never too late to start slowing life’s clock.

We’ll also talk about relationships and sex, and explain how the rate that you’re ageing may echo your mother’s life strains prior to your birth.For our telomeres aren’t damaged only by our own lifestyles or bad habits.Is being intimate with your partner related to your cell ageing?There may be good news for the more frisky among us.In a study of the genes of some 20,000 people, married people or people living with a partner tended to have longer telomeres.

Today, in the final part of our series, we’re going to focus on sleep — and how much of it you really need to slow ageing.Many couples remain sexually active well into their 80s. Put someone from a satisfying marriage into a difficult situation, and they are more likely to cope better with stress.Happily married people also have a lower risk of early mortality.And the longer your telomeres, the more youthful you will be — and feel.After much research, we’ve isolated the precise causes of shortened telomeres, and the culprits include everything from soft drinks to depression. Or at least, one important type of ageing: how much our cells can renew. But even if your telomeres are short, you can help them stabilise with our prescription for health and youthfulness.Researchers examined a group of adult men and women and asked if their mothers had experienced any extremely stressful events while pregnant, such as the death of a loved one or divorce. If your childhood is scarred by trauma — for example, if your mother drank too much, hit you, or was depressed — your telomeres will be further shortened by these negative experiences.