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At 18, while in college at USC, he spent half the week working at Death Row Records during its heyday, where he made ,000 as “the white, little, Jewish kid” among gangsta rappers. that actually had a real day job and could deliver them gigs.

He and Randy Spelling then started a record company (funded by Spelling’s dad), but after the first three albums flopped, Weintraub switched to agenting, working first at William Morris, then at the United Talent Agency, where, besides bringing in Paris Hilton to be signed (he knew her because “Randy took her virginity at our senior prom”), he got the idea to make a reality-TV show about the kids of famous people.“The celebu-spawn business wasn’t big then. And we’re talking everyone from [CBS Corporation CEO] Les Moonves to Rod Stewart, and all these big, powerful families.

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The following year she appeared in The Weakest Link and was fired from Make a Supermodel Extra, once again after she had a feud with Rachel hunter who she called Rachel Munter.

It was rumored she and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo dated for while in 2008 as well as Simon Cowell.

“I mean, why buy them in the first place if you agree they are mortifyingly embarrassing and why the f**k get into bed with the Queen of the f**king damned wearing them? A judge to take away Shifty’s visitation rights, claiming he is a terrible father who once smoke crank in their kid’s bedroom.

She is also seeking full custody adding that Seth hasn’t seen their son since November, 2011 and hasn’t paid any child support.

Jasmine Lennard was born on July 25th, 1985 in Belgravia, Westminster in the United Kingdom, the middle daughter of actress Marilyn Galsworthy and Sash Shoes founder and Playboy Brian Lennard. The first time Jasmine Lennard caused quite a stir was back in 2005 when she appeared in Make Me a Supermodel and made a nasty comment about model and show’s judge Rachel Hunter.

The following year she appeared in The Weakest Link and was fired from Make a Supermodel Extra, once again after she had a feud with Rachel Hunter who she called Rachel Munter.

Not long ago we heard that Jasmine spoke about her alleged fling she and the Wanted Max George had, he denied it and said she had issues, Lennard as expected fired back.. I appreciate you must have been utterly mortified and felt incredibly humiliated by me openly and honestly revealing the details of the time we shared together and of your performance, or rather lack therof (sic).

“However telling the truth is one thing, telling lies is another. ” She further alleged: “IT DID HAPPEN, YOU ARE A LOUSY F**K AND YOU WERE WEARING MR MEN BOXER SHORTS (you even confessed to wearing multiple pairs).

His usually methodology is getting them cast on reality-TV shows that delve into the darker side of the American Dream: Celebrity Rehab With Dr.

Drew, Sex Rehab, and Sober House—the last of which has its second season premiere tonight on VH1.

Lennar moved to Los Angeles in 2007, once she landed her named was quickly all over the news, she starred in that year’s movie Revolver, she accused Johnson & Johnson Heiress Casey Johnson of grand theft, Jasmine said Johnson stole jewelry, clothing and other things plus she used Jasmine’s vibrator and left her on her bed.