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After all, if you aren’t able to determine whether or not you have chemistry with someone online, then how are you supposed to know whether they’re worth asking out on a real-world date?

Unfortunately, the mechanisms inherent within online dating throw up some barriers between you, the woman you’re interested in and your chances of figuring out if there’s a spark between the two of you.

Chemistry is a powerful, uncontrollable reaction you feel when you come in direct contact with another individual whom you instantly connect with.

Chemistry is a shared emotion, a two-way bodily feeling that seems to send channels of energy between you and the woman who has captured your attention so totally. Can you begin to see why chemistry and online dating may contradict each other? The mechanisms of online dating don’t entirely contradict chemistry.

Those experiences we identify as “chemistry” almost always occur when we meet someone in person, and this chemistry often comes out of nowhere. When you start messaging back and forth with a woman, you will quickly be able to determine whether the two of you seem to be on the same page or not.

If the two of you share electrifying messages and chats with each other, there’s a very good chance you will share some real chemistry when you meet in person.

My professional experience tells me that this isn’t always true.

I have talked with many couples – many successful e Harmony couples – who had to nurture their chemistry a bit.

The perfect person isn’t perfect for you if you don’t feel a deep sense of chemistry with him.

The fact that you share great conversation and he has a good job, looks nice and is funny will likely not overcome the negative effects of low passion on your relationship through the years.

I’ve seen couples who didn’t have immediate chemistry build it over time, but you don’t want to go too far into a relationship on the hope that you can create chemistry where none currently exists. You’re able to objectively determine that this man is handsome, yet you don’t feel a strong physical pull toward him.