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About three months ago, Melissa met Jake on one of the many free Internet dating sites.

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They felt like “regular” people who just wanted the all-American dream of true love.They were blind to their revolving door dating pattern, which they simply dismissed as a phenomenon of the modern Internet age of romance.It’s time to put the phone away, shut down the computer and deactivate for a while.You sit down after work, write an email or two and maybe even perform a quick search.If you’re looking to answer your most pressing dating and relationship question, my blog is like Google for your love life!

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Online dating should be a part of your world, not the only part.

What addictive qualities do you recognize in your online dating behavior?

The next thing you know, two hours or more have passed by, and all your previous obligations are now on the backburner. Set aside an hour a day maximum for online dating, and then go back to living the life you should be living.

After all, what is the point of trying to find someone if you no longer have a life of your own? By the time one of your dates roll around, you can barely even remember which girl you are talking to or what her interests are.

This is not productive for yourself, nor does it make you interesting to the people you are meeting. Making multiple superficial connections like this is not productive, nor is it financially beneficial.