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In 1999, the Gambia Radio & Television Services gave out the first Gambian Rap Award.

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Many Ivorian hip hop artists perform or live in France, and French hip hop has a major influence on the Ivorian scene.

The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa, has long been a major home for pan-African styles of popular music like rumba, soukous and kwassa kwassa.

Angola has a lively hip hop music scene, including popular and influential crews like Conciencia da Africa, Atitude violenta, Pobres Sem Culpa, Filhos Da Ala Este.

and solo Mc Mutu Moxy (Intelektu) Based in Cape Town, South Africa, and have begun to work with some South African hip hop musicians.

In recent years there has been an upsurge of true hip hop music on the Ghanaian music scene.

Although Guinea is not much known internationally for any variety of popular music, there is a local hip hop music scene, which has produced one crew with an international reputation, Kill Point, which has toured across West Africa.

The earliest performers included the MCM Boys (now known as Da Hopp) and 18,3.

Mainstream success came in about 1998; popular modern performers include The Specialists, Paradisa, and Oratan.

Long-time performers on the Kinsasha scene include Profetzion (formerly of Holokaust), and the Congo Brazzaville rapper Passi.

Promising new Congolese hip hop groups include Lopango yaba Nka, Apkass, Kaysha, Yolé! Gambia's much larger neighbor, Senegal, is home to a thriving hip hop scene, which has exerted a strong influence on Gambian hip hop but Gambian hip hop is now evolving its own unique style.

Ghanaian rapping is mostly in the English language, but is also sometimes in Twi, Ewe, Ga or Hausa.