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Not doing that will lead to big problems in end, but this advice is true for any sort of relationship, hetro, lesbian or whatever.

By the way, I am married to lesbian, many would think would be hardcore lesbian.

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We've known each other for years, and he has been my best friend since forever. He's too happy we're dating after all these years of loving me in silence. I really I want to make him happy, and he makes me happy too, but even kissing is kind of gross for me. But it's not his fault he's not a woman, or that I don't like men. Both of you are robbing yourselve's of the love and compatibility that you desire with the gender of your choice.

He is in love with me and we're kind of dating now. It's getting so bad I feel sick to my stomach when we hang out and that's... You being a lesbian and he being straight is a recipe for disaster down the line. It's not fair to either one of you, and it will never be.

You either do a complete turn around and talk yourself into being straight, and i think that wouldn't work, or you tell him goodbye. Also that doesnt mean you should follow advice of so called jerks.

Or, if he is willing to continue this charade, knowing full well what's involved, then do that. My opinion, tell him and move on to someone who truly make's you happy, and let him do the same. Key with any relationship via it be friendship or love interest is communication, trust and respect.

When her sex drive disappeared months ago she was afraid I would leave her but we worked through it. She was very special to me and continues to inspire me. I don't care how difficult it was you don't just ditch someone that did nothing wrong. So I started treating her about the same way I would treat a hetro girlfriend. Since then, we have taken breaks from each other, but then seeing each other again, till she was uncomfortable again, rinse and repeat. Similar to a previous post, I have also thought about a future with her in a poly-amourous relationship.

I wasn't ready to survive without her and our relationship seemed to go much deeper than the "couple thing" she no longer desires with men. My self esteem and self efficacy have gone up since I stopped dating a lesbian. I know this is a normal part of breakups but I never considered us normal. I just want know why the person that smiled every time I looked at her won't talk to me. We are very good friends, and could have a primary relationship.

I was just wondering if any lesbians out there have been in her shoes, and, if you could, please explain to me why she needs time to herself? I would be comfortable about her having sex with women. I think my friend might be coming to a realization that she might be bi-sexual.

She seems to be having a hard time dealing with this.

I also get along very much with her lesbian partner. When we married I didnt want her to take on my surname or anything like that. Likewise we talked about such, we know inside we will be friends for life, and if it comes to point that I did find a heterosexual female who wants to marry me, she has no problem us disolving our marriage, but our friendship will remain.

Hey im 13 and afraid that i might be a lesbian its not a bad thing its just im kind of imbarressed ive felt this way for a good while and dont want to tell my friend in case they feel strange around me or tell people who will make fun of me should i tell them and warn them to keep it a secret???

I thought once finals were through we would work on it, but she figured it was time to accept her sexuality. We started seeing each other more often three years ago.