over 60 dating site Jensen ackles dating joanna krupa

But Jensen was well known among daytime actors as being someone to have around for a good time.Problem is, he was only interested in partying if a certain co-star of his was around. Rumor is, they got so close that the producers began to worry.Co-stars will tell you that for the longest time, Austin and Jensen were inseparable.

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They've known each other for a years, reconnected on the set of a flick they did.

They've been to the same events but don't get photographed together.

He became such a religious person and began publicly trying to recruit fellow cast members until the producers had had enough and let him go. But when he ran into some co-stars recently, he treated them as if they were lesser then him since he broke out of the daytime mold and they didn't.

Which is why one of his co-stars ended up telling me everything.

Both seem to keep their private life private, thus no tabloid feeding by their management.

She went to see him while he was doing the stage show in Texas. He had dated that playmate who talked about how he was an asshole but was great in the sack, thus there have been some corroboration that he's a great fuck. If I didn't know they were brothers on that show I would've thought they were a couple.Apparently they like to buy each other stuff (Jensen bought Jared a pajama like outfit from Japan and Jared bought Jensen an amazingly expensive watch).Jared also went to watch Jensen's play about two months ago down in Texas and reportedly led the standing ovation (plus from bystanders who heard their conversation, he was there to surprise Jensen).Jensen is straight, has dated and/or fucked half of Hollywood. While I doubt he's gay, I'd also say that doesn't prove that he's (a) not bisexual and (b) that he's not just closeted and was in denial when with Joanna.He dated the black chick from The 4400 briefly and got her a part on his show. Good friends with the guy that played his dad on Supernatural and he and Jared and good friends. R15, Some of it you got right and the rest you completely BS'ed. R48 - you don't know what he *really* likes or not. You know what the public is supposed to know - whether it is genuine or not.Latinagirl, Jared's only reportedly missed his plane once and the other two times he missed a convention was due to him FILMING which would be those "other plans" so it's not like he's just messing around.