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Dating since January, their rocky relationship -- full of high moments like sweet romantic dates and low times like hanging out separately in Las Vegas -- was caught on tape for 's Amanda Seyfried admitted that she didn't know if her BF Dominic Cooper was "the one," and now they have also split up.

Patridge isn't exactly feeling too good about the relationship taking a nosedive. "Audrina came to Perez's birthday with a girlfriend," one of our sources says. ' she made a mortified face and changed the subject right away.

She attended Perez Hilton's recent birthday party in L. She gave off a weird vibe and seemed very awkward."This weekend, as we told you about earlier today, Patridge hosted an afternoon pool party on Saturday at the MGM Grand's Wet Republic in Las Vegas.

They went for drinks at the hotel lounge and headed out to Buddakan with a bunch of friends.

Later that night they headed back to their room together and an insider says, "They certainly looked very much together." Maybe it's just a bit of ex-sex!

He's not super metro." PHOTOS: The most memorable moments on The Hills Patridge also admitted that it can be "hard" being in a long distance relationship.

"Whenever he's in different countries it's opposite time, so we won't even talk to each other on the phone for like five days," she said.

We’re not broken up.” “We started reading all of these rumors and seeing it on TV that we broke up and we’re sitting there and we just start laughing about it, like, ‘Wow, did we really break up?

star Audrina Patridge broke up with her musician BF Ryan Cabrera.

“I’m friends with pretty much every ex I’ve had,” Ryan told Hollywood in the new podcast.

“I don’t hold any negative tone towards anybody really. I don’t see why there is any reason you can’t still be friends.” We love hearing that!

With no Cabrera in sight, it was assumed he'd skipped the trip to Sin City.