Hulk hogan wife dating

Hulk was married to Linda Hogan at the time, and Linda filed for divorce.

However, it was just a rumored story and finally it was ended up in the year 2007.

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Hulk Hogan’s wife Jennifer Mc Daniel is standing by her man, and her man’s reputation is pretty tarnished after a racist rant was released to the media.Hogan started dating Jennifer shortly after his break with his ex-wife Linda, whom he was married to for a very long time (1983-2009).In wrestling history, one of the oldest tricks has been to name a wrestler after another famous wrestler and claim that they are related to get the fans excited for the newcomer.As time has passed, several wrestlers have passed their legacy onto their children.The move laid the foundation for a rivalry that lasted the length of Gonzalez’ WWE career.

The Story Of Giant Gonzalez In The World Wrestling Federation | Details On The Hulk Hogan vs.

He didn’t have long to enjoy it, though as Gonzalez was gone from WWE soon thereafter.

When Jorge González’ contract with WCW was not renewed, pundits in the professional wrestling industry felt his career was over.

After the match, a frustrated Gonzalez hit his smarmy manager, Harvey Wippleman, with his signature chokeslam.

The attack immediately put the giant in the good graces of the fans.

Miraculously, Undertaker rose to his feet and cleared the ring of his nemesis.