Gnome weather applet not updating dating and london

I've noticed that the weather applet I've added to the gnome panel continues to say "updating", but never actually displays any weather.

I understand it has been broken since about the first of the month because it was coded to get data from, which cut us off when they started requiring a paid subscription. Is there another (free) feed that it can be set to?Or is there a way to use the Gnome panel weather applet (which still works)? После обновления своего дистрибутива (Russian Fedora) я столкнулся с большим количеством проблем в GNOME 3. У меня эта утилита не была установлена изначально, но ее можно установить через yum. Например, Как сделать индикатор языка в трее в виде иконки, Возвращение кнопок свернуть, развернуть.В этой статье я постараюсь описать все, собранные мной, методы их решения. Далее открываем: Tweek Tool - Ставим галочку (она там одна). После всех манипуляций я получил такой рабочий стол: Все проблемы GNOME 3 решены и желаний переходить обратно не возникает:) Другие интересные методы пишите в комментариях! Back up all existing data and read all threads in the version Development Forum before attempting an install. I think you can use some kind of alternative location notation with Open Weather. Okay Glenn; now I've downloaded F22 Alpha, running it and have loaded up Gnome-Weather. BTW, looks about the same for tomorrow, maybe 39F for a high but mostly sunny.

Errors can and will likely occur which may include data destruction or inability to boot other partitions on any and possibly all attached hard drives. The newest one, openweather, doesn't allow me to select the proper location. At least we're within 3000 miles of my front door The older one, Weather by Neroth worked well. Edit: If you can find the place on it should pop-up in the extension's search bar too. Typed in Salem and got a couple of other cities, then waited a second and continued to type "salem mass" and PRESTO! I have installed the extension Open Weather by Jens.После его установки Gnome shell перестал запускаться. Description: I would like to monitor three different locations with the Gnome weather applet. This is the place to discuss and assist in the community development of F22. Maybe not, but it surely isn't Salem, Mass USA BTW, I just selected "Salem" and it first came up with a couple of odd-ball locations, but in 2-3 seconds, it also named Salem Mass, which I selected.WARNING: Any pre-release versions, Beta included, are for experienced testers only. However, I just noticed you're playing with F22 and I'm still at F21, so that's got to be the real factor.The Gnome version within Fedora 22 is not in the python approved Gnome Version list. Then I removed the ones that were way off with the temperature which left me with one, but even that is off buy 7-8 degrees. Privacy Policy | Term of Use | Posting Guidelines | Archive | Contact Us | Founding Members Powered by v Bulletin Copyright 2000 - 2012, v Bulletin Solutions, Inc.