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You might find them at a cycling club, Cross Fit, boot camps, Sierra hiking clubs etc.I know some incredible women who take sailing classes and play on recreational soccer teams.

Most people struggle when it comes to expressing their emotions, especially when it makes them feel vulnerable.It can also be very difficult for people when they are in a situation where they are rejecting someone.Aside from supporting a great cause the cost of the ticket tends to draw a more established and professional crowd.I also suggest looking into the professional clubs and organizations in your area. Are there any networking events that would draw like-minded women in your field or similar industries?Two years later I began trying to date, but somehow I always ended up meeting emotionally unstable women. My profile stated I was interested in "casual dating" and I wanted to move slowly to avoid heartaches. I asked her to meet me a week earlier than we had originally planned, but nothing. I told her how I felt and that I had tried my best to reach out to her, but she chose not to share her feeling with me. I can’t help but wonder what I could have done to change the outcome.

She said she understood and said she didn't want to have a girlfriend/wife situation with me. I believe in honesty and I don't regret being honest about my feelings.It was easy to avoid getting emotionally involved with men since I never felt any true connection.One of my biggest problems now is trusting someone enough to have a meaningful relationship.It sounds like she considered accepting that condition, although it wasn’t exactly what she was looking for.It is possible that at this time she met someone else, or its possible that instead of communicating her disappointment, she just disappeared. Frankie, I'm currently single and putting myself out there in the dating scene.