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Master these objects, and you are truly on the path to becoming a true 3D printing guru.According to designer extraordinaire Flowalistik, Pokemon and 3D printing have something in common: they both evolve.(Download from You Magine) This is a cosplay prop from a kid’s TV show, the Captain Underpants Hypno Ring.

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The dual extrusion is just to add a bit of color and flair as it rotates.(Download from You Magine) A bit of fun to celebrate the launch of the Ultimaker 3 — a dual extrusion 3D printer, if you hadn’t already heard — sees the popular Ultibot mascot given a gender swap with an artfully placed number 3.There are three more in the series: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.(Download from You Magine) This is a sophisticated fidget toy, powered by a mini ball bearing, that spins and spins with just a flick of the fingers.Current dual extruder 3D printers on the market include the Ultimaker 3, BCN3D Sigma, Makerbot Replicator 2X, Printrbot Plus and Flashforge Creator Pro.

Some manufacturers go even further, and offer machines capable of triple and even quadruple extrusion! Here’s a list of models that are just perfect for dual extruder 3D printers.

It is expected to launch in 4GB/6GB RAM variants, with internal storage options of 64GB/128GB/256GB.

Read: Huawei Mate 9 leaks in purple colour variant with Leica camera setup Huawei’s November 3 launch event will take place in Munich, Germany and the company has already started to send out invites for the same.

With two tones of orange and white, it’s a simple and appealing design.

This collection builds on that concept with more elaborate variations, so the printed object looks less like a traffic cone and more like a wizard’s hat!

Now, Gizmo China has quoted an analyst, revealing Mate 9 will come with 12MP 20MP dual-rear camera setup.