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The one thing that I was really disappointed by was the lack of download options.

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There are interviews as well as hours of footage of the couples swapping partners, having sex with each other, and going to larger, more wild sex parties at special clubs and private retreats.

Dirty Dating Live is a real swinger site with real amateur couples.

The lighting isn't always that great, for example.

You can stream the videos online in an embedded Flash video player that looks pretty sharp, though not very large.

They break up the movies into short clips which makes the longer events easier to navigate through and enjoy.

I really liked the interviews and behind the scenes content.It's all about 'the lifestyle' as those in these swinger groups call it.Amid the collection shown off on the homepage is footage of couples fucking alone at home, swapping partners with other couples, and having pretty wild times at larger swinger party events.The site is large with hours of footage from real get togethers and parties, plus long interviews with some of the couples that they hang out with. true lust."- Real swingers video- Hours of live footage- Updated weekly When I first visited Dirty Dating Live I was expecting some sort of live-streaming web-cammy service, but that wasn't the case at all.The site is actually an amateur site that tapes swinger sex parties and other events.These parts really show you just how real the amateurs are.