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With that in mind, we've come up with a few suggestions to help those of you who want to date a dentist and get closer to the people who protect our smiles.

Anyone suffering from a toothache will certainly attest to that.

However, sometimes we take their skills and compassion for granted, meaning that dentists can be wrongly overlooked as one of most eligible professions out there.

When I was single, I'd ask patients for a date or they would ask me. I probably went out with at least a dozen or so patients.

(Except for the time when three girlfriends were in my waiting room at the same time!

The Wealthy Dentist is a sister company of the Internet Dental Alliance, the largest provider of Internet dental marketing campaigns, dental websites, email newsletters and find-a-dentist online directories in North America.

For information on The Wealthy Dentist, contact Jim Du Molin at 415-435-2818.The Wealthy Dentist is a dental practice management company featuring dental consulting expert Jim Du Molin.The site's weekly dental surveys and newsletters are viewed by thousands of dentists across the United States and Canada. Some do, some frolic and some live happily ever after.A recent dental marketing survey conducted by The Wealthy Dentist revealed that dentist-patient dating is not as rare as one might think. Female dentists are especially likely to find dating a patient not just unprofessional, but totally unacceptable. "It's wrong according to the Hippocratic Oath," opines a third female dentist from Illinois.The nationwide survey found that one in five dentists, including male and female dentists, reports becoming romantically involved with a patient at some point in their careers. "I'm in the military -- it would be a career ender for me to become involved with my patients," comments a female Georgia dentist. Men, though, are more likely to comment on the fact that "romantic chemistry just happens," as a male Connecticut dentist sighs.