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The film is a positive reinforcement on the value of relationships to an individual's personal growth and spiritual evolution."Kissing Jessica Stein" is a highly intelligent romantic comedy that goes deep to explore emotional relationships: Not only between Jessica and Helen but also between Jessica and her Mother, Jessica and Josh, other co-workers and all of their friends.

But you've got to know the mold in order to break it.A few minutes in the movie takes a 180 degree turn at the moment when at a dinner Jessica complains about the lack of decent guys in the city and her boss and former boyfriend Josh shoots back, evicerating her.The movie starts out seemingly filled with stereotypes (male, gay, Jewish, ect.) but before the end everyone gets their say and the true characters come out. It is probably the funniest movie -written by and made for women- that I have ever seen. One of those movies where you nudge your neighbor to see if they got the joke too. If there's one thing in this low budget indie flick that is cinematically brilliant it's the audio visual montages.The ending is set up the entire movie in the many parallels between Helen and Josh. The dialogue is delicious- jam packed with wit, honesty and quotable lines. The subtle way it plays with the background music and on-screen action.There are many points during the first viewing of this movie where I didn't like it- afraid of where it was ultimately going.

Much to my delightful surprise, Stein's lesbian experience isn't ultimately to get her to reject men and find love, but to free her- from her own neurosis and perfectionism.

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Jessica Stein est journaliste à New York et elle a tout pour plaire. Jessica décide alors de prendre son destin en main.

Bien que celle-ci figure dans la section "Femmes cherchent femmes", elle décide d'y répondre.