Dating a girl with a baby

Does it really matter to a guy if a girl has a baby?I’m 16 and I have a six month old daughter and I have had a lot of trouble finding a guy that’ll be okay with me being a mother.

The thing is, the other women also lacked qualities I was looking for or the chemistry was never strong to begin with. I finally found a great girl that I am very much falling for, am sometimes catching myself thinking about the future with her, but now I’m re-evaluating everything all because of her kid. She and her ex have 50/50 custody and are very civilized and get along just fine. I rarely take questions from guys, but I thought this was a curious role-reversal.

Am I pulling what you refer to (and sorry if I mess this up) as a “blackjack 20”? Put a woman’s name after this question and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference (apart from the “very, very, very gorgeous” line).

Most guys have it in the back of their head that they’ll eventually find a chick, settle down, and maybe even become a father, but in terms of timing, it looks way far down the road.

My advice to you is, for the time being, concentrate on taking care of your baby and being able to support both yourself and your child.

What I hope I’ve pointed out is that this isn’t entirely your decision, and it’s literally the last thing you should worry about right now.

How about you just enjoy your relationship, get her to commit to you, and see where things go organically.So, Tim, you’re gonna get the same annoying logical treatment that all of our female readers get.Sorry about that, but, well, that’s what you get for submitting a question here.Point being, I haven’t had the most success with online dating or blind dates that friends have tried to set me up on.Recently I met a girl who I have been dating for almost 2 months and she is wonderful.She is down to earth, funny, smart, ambitious, independent, kind and extremely attractive and I mean very, very, very gorgeous.