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One reason for not investigating alleged bullying and abuse, especially when it is widespread, could be the fear of corporate and personal liability for its effects.

Business owners and shareholders should note that a culture of bullying is likely to be hiding far more damage to their business than just occasionally destroying the health and careers of competent staff members.

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Possessing some of these character traits does not make a person into a "bully".Even if you're certain you're being bullied and you know who is responsible, and what they are doing is completely unreasonable, avoid hurtful personal criticism and provocative language. Stick to dealing with what they have done and try not to concern yourself with what they are like.Rather than using physical violence, he abuses people with methods that are harder for onlookers to recognise such as abusing the authority that comes with his job, emotional blackmail, malicious gossip and one-on-one confrontations when there are no witnesses.He is able to manipulate others' emotions and perceptions, and does so to get what he wants.One practical reason is that you and the bully and the dispute will be observed by others, and their opinion matters if the dispute is to be resolved fairly.

It is therefore important that you outshine your bully in the single area that they cannot function: treating an adversary assertively, i.e. Another practical reason is that if your response to being bullied involves conduct that could be directly interpreted or twisted around and interpreted as bullying, you risk losing whatever moral advantage you had over the bully.

Perhaps the most easily recognisable character traits of a Serial Bully are: The influence of a serial bully on a working environment should be readily apparent to an employer's senior managers, especially the HR manager.

If there's a serial bully in a position of influence, these managers will know of employees who once were valued: Faced with the above, some businesses would strive to establish the cause and deal with it, to prevent any recurrence.

He has to impress those whom he thinks will help him maintain or advance his status, and these are likely, at least initially, to perceive him as smooth, charming, accomplished, charismatic and authoritative, and worthy of support, respect and deference.

He may gain their respect by exaggerating his achievements and by trying to mimic the behaviour of respectable people.

Some onlookers seem to maintain their positive first impression indefinitely, but some only appear to do so because they are frightened of not doing.