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Second, if such a secondary mechanism exists, it is not understood nor has it been quantified.

This feedback mechanism, thought to be triggered by orbital variations, is a primary basis for current environmental extremism.

Kennett et al., has summarized the research on sea-floor sediment cores and developed an analytical model of rapid sediment accumulation following the Genesis Flood.

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Numerous quantities have been measured in ice cores to make inferences about earth history, such as oxygen isotope ratios, carbon dioxide concentration, methane concentration, electrical conductivity, and dust particle concentration.

Probably the most important measurement used in the study of climate has been the ratio of oxygen 18 to oxygen 16 ( It is thought to be useful as a palaeothermometer—a method for estimating the temperature of the ocean or the atmosphere in the past.

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Oxygen isotopes in ice cores extracted from polar regions exhibit a decreasing trend in the ratio of the heavy to light isotopes from the beginning of the Ice Age to its end.Vardiman has summarized the climate research on ice cores, and has offered an alternative analytical model of ice sheet formation in the polar regions and a conceptual model for rapid climate change during an ice age related to the Genesis Flood.Variations in oxygen isotope ratios from sea-floor sediment cores have extended climate studies to greater ages in the past, and have been interpreted to support multiple ice ages with intervening interglacials over at least the past one million years.This theory was originally suggested by Milankovitch, Several major problems have not been resolved in this theory.First, of the three orbital parameters correlated in these studies the one with a period of about 100,000 years, which should be the cause of the ice ages, has the smallest effect on solar heating of the earth."Twilight" star Taylor Lautner just gave the world one more reason to hate him -- because the 19-year-old just bought one of the most badass cars on the planet ... Score one -- a BIG, FAST, awesome one -- for Team Jacob.