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This event can be such things as a message or an expiring timer.To be able to unload the workflow instance when it becomes idle, the service host must persist the workflow instance.

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I'm just trying to connect the default data source (in the H2 server) with my custom persistence.xml, but I keep getting the same error over and over again: 5) Now you have to define your datasource.I use JBoss5, and this version of JBoss will read any file with the pattern *as being the definition of your datasource.This also does not keep the instance in memory for too long.Set Time To Unload to 0, and set Instance Locked Exception Action to Basic Retry or Aggressive Retry if these messages may be received by different computers.For more information, see Windows Server App Fabric Persistence These parameters should be set as follows, according to the current scenario.

In this scenario, all workflow instances should remain loaded when they become idle. The use of this setting prevents a workflow instance from moving between computers.

You can do this by adding Persist activities throughout the sequence of activities that keep the workflow instance busy.

In this manner, application domain recycling, host failures, or computer failures do not cause the system to be rolled back to the start of the busy period.

I'm not sure if it's necessary, but I have it anyway.

7) Finally, just call your persistence unit in Java through the Entity Manager Factory, create your environment and start a new session.

This allows the workflow instance to be loaded by another computer.