Birthday present for a girl i just started dating

" The best case scenario is that they say something like "Oh, probably just doing X with my friends," which makes it clear that you won't be really expected to join in or participate—which is fine.

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Pink or yellow are better choices as they symbolise affection and warmth rather than intense romantic love.Gift baskets can be great and there are lots of pre-made ones out there, but those can be pretty generic.You don’t have to be a designer as they walk you through the process and make it very easy.Does she have a favourite saying, tagline, joke or photo?It can be very awkward when you start seeing someone shortly before a holiday or birthday, and you addressed the concerns very well. Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a happy new year!

You consider breaking up with them, just to get out of the whole ordeal—maybe they would take you back in a week, once their birthday has passed? At this point, besides the fact that you guys have sex, your relationship isn't so different from that of good friends.

A more thoughtful and therefore more appreciated option would be to buy a basket and choose the contents yourself.

Tuck in a package of her favourite coffee, a couple of mugs that would suit her (hint…specialty kitchen stores have a wonderful variety of mugs) tea, cookies and treats.

If you go, treat it as you would the birthday of a friend you very much like: bring a card, buy them drinks, etc.

Be sure to mingle with people, and don't expect to spend the whole night by the birthday person's side.

Other thoughtful options are personalized gifts that you can order online at many retailers.