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NB venue*: Tea room, Dept of Sociology, Free School Lane Birth Rites: Youtube Portraits - Birth Videos and the Visual Representation of Childbirth04 March 2013, CRASSH, Seminar room SG1, Ground floor Helen Knowles (Artist and Curator of a collection of art about childbirth) *Evening session.

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All Cambridge researchers are welcome to join CIRF, to attend our events, and to suggest new developments and activities.

Whether you just want to join our email list, or whether you wish to get more involved with the initiation and organisation of reproduction-related events, we would love to hear from you ([email protected]) Conveners Anija Dokter (Co-ordinator, Faculty of Music) Caroline Musgrove (Speaker logistics, Faculty of Classics) Katie Hammond (Publicity, Department of Sociology) Agnieszka Jedrusik (Science collaboration, Gurdon Institute) Leah Astbury (Workshops, Department of History and Philosophy of Science) Sooz Imrie (Workshops, Department of Psychology) Co-conveners Fran Bigman (Faculty of English) Susanna Graham (Centre for Family Research) Zeynep Gürtin (Founding Convener, Centre for Family Research) Anne Hanley (Department of History and Philosophy of Science) Jesse Olszynko-Gryn (Department of History and Philosophy of Science) Robert Pralat (Department of Sociology) Sophie Zadeh (Centre for Family Research) Faculty advisors Professor Sarah Franklin (Department of Sociology) Professor Susan Golombok (Director, Centre for Family Research) Dr Nick Hopwood (History and Philosophy of Science) Professor Martin Johnson (Department Physiology, Development and Neuroscience) Professor Martin Richards (Centre for Family Research) Interdisciplinary Workshop on Reproduction (IWR9)15 November 2013, CRASSH, Seminar room SG1, Ground Floor9th Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop on Reproduction Online Registration is now closed Deadline was Fri 8 Nov at 7.00pm One-sex, two-sex, them and us?

Our scope thus includes a range of further themes such as biopolitics, bodies, relations, sexualities, reproductive technologies, as well as broad questions about the organization of health provision, the translatability of bioethics, the politics of knowledge, and issues surrounding personhood, autonomy and choice.

Theme Our 2013-14 seminar and film series will focus on the theme ‘Communicating Reproduction’.

We aim to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations by critically engaging with norms and assumptions that influence how reproduction is constructed and communicated, both within academic institutions and in broader society.

This year we will be inviting prominent speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, including artists, clinicians, sociologists, scientists, historians and novelists, to enrich our understanding of the many nuanced and multi-faceted aspects of reproduction and to expand our ability to communicate effectively across disciplinary boundaries.

The idea for CIRF grew from the conversations of a group of graduate students and faculty from various departments, including HPS, the Centre for Family Research, Social Anthropology, and SPS, who wished to create opportunities for productive interdisciplinarity.

Our group has been active for more than 8 years and has expanded to include researchers from a wide range of faculties and departments.

The print is splattered with different shades of chocolate.

Both works have garnered Walker, who is white, a reputation for commenting on race in America — and fierce criticism of his use of the black body.

CIRF aims to provide a forum in which researchers from all disciplines and backgrounds can come together to communicate and develop new ideas and form collaborations around a common interest in reproduction.