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Perhaps you don’t know, but that little state surrounded by a box in the bottom left corner of your US map is Alaska and, despite how it may look on that piece of paper, it’s more than four times the size of Texas.The reason Alaska lies in that box thousands of miles from where it actually belongs is to make it easier for you Outsiders to remember we actually exist as a part of the United States.Net-Compulsions: This refers to a broad category of behaviors including obsessive online gambling, shopping, and stock trading.

Are you frequently tired during the day due to staying up late online? Men are more likely than women to have a cybersexual addiction.

Do you often turn to tech activities to deal with negative moods? Currently, this is the most common presenting problem when initiating therapy for internet addiction.

We are both Christians in our mid-20s, and he has read many other books over the years and prayed so much.

He was open with me about his struggle before we started dating, and explained that he was getting help, but purity would probably always be a struggle in his life. I believe in God’s power to transform his life, and he does too, but this is still scary.

Game Addiction: Excessive time spent playing video games which significantly detracts from the time and interest one has for relationships, school, or work.

During college he began to seek help by attending Sexaholics Anonymous meetings and being very involved with accountability and mentoring through that organization.Have you given up activities (e.g., hobbies, sports, dating, exercise) that you once enjoyed?Do others complain that you spend too much time online?What it also represents is the fact that to get to another state is going to take some work.Hence the reason darn near everyone has an Alaska Airlines credit card.This is one of the most frequently asked questions about internet addiction. However, it should be noted that the DSM-IV was published in 1994 - a time when the internet was not nearly as accessible to the general population as it is now.